7,861 Reasons To Host an Artery Showcase Outdoors

7,861 Reasons To Host an Artery Showcase Outdoors

There's only one real reason to host an outdoor showcase - springtime is beautiful. Share the bluebird day with friends and new friends, right in your own backyard, patio, or rooftop. 

Artery showcases are all about culture up close. It's a 60-90 minute performance, usually BYOB and simple, so you can sit back and just be there.

What kind of showcase do you want to host? Well... there are already 7,861 performers on Artery with more joining everyday. There's musicians, authors, poets, dancers, actors, chefs and all kinds of genres in the Artery community.*


Got a Backyard, Rooftop or Porch?

How it Works

The Artery platform was built to be decentralized - it's for people to take culture into their own hands. That's why the proceeds go to the collaborators who made it happen.

Hosts and performers can connect directly, because the most meaningful experiences are collaborations. Of course, the Artery team is here to offer suggestions and extra hands. 

You create your profile, browse ideas for showcases and then collaborate with the performers you chose. Everyone invites friends and neighbors & Artery will promote the showcase to our growing community. Proceeds go to the collaborators.

Create a Profile

Set up your profile to get across what kind of culture you’re excited about. Make sure you discuss logistics and add photos of your space.

Pick a Showcase 

Explore showcases looking for a space. You can filter by location, type of culture and more. How should you pick an idea? Well the best way is to browse through the profiles of the artists and kick off a conversation by clicking "Collaborate." A phone call or even grabbing a beverage or meeting in your backyard works great. 

Create Your Own Showcase

Create one of your own Artery showcases and our team will send you suggestions for performers. You'll also hear directly from local performers - or invite artists you know and love). You can also browse Performers on Artery and check out their work and references. You can be as involved as you want to be. 







Keep it Simple


An outdoor plug or an extension cord will do it. Bring a lamp outside, hang some Christmas lights, it's simple.


If you have an amp, awesome, if not, just communicate with the performers about their needs. Most musicians can bring their own - it's not a giant party so don't think big. Think intimate. And we can usually let you borrow a small PA if you need.

Reviews and References

After the showcase, leave references for the people you collaborated with so they can build their reputation and do more shows! They'll leave one for you too. The audience will leave reviews as well, so the community can flourish.


Got a Backyard, Rooftop, or Porch?

Know someone who'd like to perform at these intimate showcases? Invite them to Artery.

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